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Park Park, Wherever You May be

Park, Park, wherever you may be, You eat dogs in your home country! It could be worse, you could be Scouse, Eating rats in your council house!

publish March 18, 2017 452
Fosu-Mensah Chant: Let’s go Fosu Mensah

Man United fans at Wembley Let’s go Fosu Mensah Let’s go Fosu Mensah Nah Nah Nah Nah

publish March 18, 2017 1121
Banks of River Irwell

From the banks of the Irwell, To Sicily, And we will fight fight fight, For Man United FC, Oh oh oh ohhh, Oh oh oh ohhh, Ay ay ay ayyy Ay ay ay ayyy

publish March 18, 2017 658
Hello, Hello, We Are The Busby Boys

Hello! Hello! We are the busby boys Hello! Hello! We are the busby boys And if you are a City fan surrender or you’ll die, We all follow United

publish March 18, 2017 439
We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying High

We’ll never die, we’ll never die We’ll never die, we’ll never die We’ll keep the Red flag flying high ‘Cos Man United will never die

publish March 18, 2017 539
Take Me Home, United Road

Taken on the day Man United won our 20th title Take me home, United road, To a place that I belong, To Old Trafford, to see United, Take me home, United road…

publish March 18, 2017 479
Pride of All Europe

We are just one of those teams that you see now and then, We often score six,but we seldom score ten, We beat ’em at home and we beat ’em away, We kill any b*stards that get in our way, We are the pride of all Europe, The cock of the North, We hate

publish March 18, 2017 375
Who The Fuck Are Man Utd

Who The Fuck Are Man Utd Who The Fuck Are Man Utd Who The Fuck Are Man Utd As The Reds Go Marching ON ON ON!!!!

publish March 18, 2017 1031
Man United Fans In Bishops Blaize

Man United fans in Bishops Blaize with a few chants Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he is a Swedish Hero United are the team for me Tony Martial he came from France

publish March 18, 2017 461
Oh What Fun It Is To See United Win Away

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to see, United win away – oh!

publish March 18, 2017 603
United Are The Team For Me

United are the team for me. U-N-I-T-E-D. United are the team for me. With A knick knack paddy whack give adog a bone. Why don’t City fuck off home.

publish March 18, 2017 434
Bertie Mee Said To Matt Busby

Bertie Mee said to Matt Busby, “Have you heard of the North Bank Highbury?!” “No”, said Matt, “You Cockney tw*t, But I’ve heard of the Stretford, Enders

publish March 18, 2017 486

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